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Dhol + 4D = TDF

I've been waiting a release from this group for years! If you haven't heard, The Dhol Foundation (TDF) has just dropped an album under the Shakti label. This unique album may not suit the tastes of all bhangra heads, but it is sure to soothe and inspire each of its listeners.
I was expecting an hardcore dhol beat album with heavy, rough vocals but I was pleasantly surprised at the tranquility of this album. Jon Kalsi and the rest of the federation have done an outstanding job of actually producing an amazing piece of work. Instead of banging their dhols and making a cheap album with the sole intention of producing profits, The Dhol Federation exercises their full potential and creates a work of art. The album displays the dhol in a fourth dimension type of manner; you will be left pondering the versatilty and endless capabilities of the dhol.
My advise, pick up this album 'cus The Dhol Foundation has done a magnificent job in displaying the ability of this wonderful Punjabi instrument.

Ahh, who ever new B21 would break up faster than the Spice Girls. But then again, when did Punjabis actually do something right. Just as B21 achieved a noteworthy status, internal problems caused Jassi Sidhu to leave the group--word is financial problems got in the way of their "friendship." This leaves Bally and Bhota Jagpal (brothers) scratching their heads.

Jassi Sidhu was a valuable member of B21. His skills as a vocalist and an experienced producer will definitely be miss as the group looks to release further titles. Bally Jagpal must now carry the group, as Bhota Jagpal was a nominal part of the group to begin with.

Finding a replacement for Jassi will be a difficult task, because of the lack of talent available on the market. B21 needs a player who can complement Bally Jagpal on the stage--vocally and in the studio--productionally.

Many predict Bally and Bhota will look for an already established vocalist to join their group, but that seems highly unlikely. The two brothers will probably a larger piece of the pie (financially speaking). They will probably find a newcomer who will be happy making only a fraction of Bally and Bhota earnings.

We ask you, the fans... who would you like to see join the B21 group....

New B21 member....?

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The Way It Ought be Done!

With the explosion of new and emerging artists and producers, the pioneers of the Punjabi music industry are scrambling to create albums that'll hang with the newcomers. Artists such as Tigerstyle, D/I/P, RDB, Bally Rai are all getting into the production game, and all are doing a splendid job.

The 'Old Timers' are running for cover, but its good to see them adapting to competition. Artists such as Jazzy B. and A.S. Kang are collaborating with the most underrated player in the game-- His complete comprehension of music is the reason why singers turn to him when they want a blockbuster album. With 20 years of experience Shinda has brought us many unforgettable albums, such as Dhol Beat 1& 2, Moving and Grooving, and his latest release The Way It Is. But most of Shinda work is done behind the shadow of an All-Star singer. Jazzy B. for instance has been working with Shinda for years, and both have collaborated to produce mega hits. With Shinda working the beats and the boards, a hot record is almost guaranteed.

Shinda latest collaboration is with A.S. Kang, both joined to create an explosive album titled Ash Karo. The music is definitely Shinda quality, which touches all grounds; from fast-paced bhangra beats to a mellow, slow tune.

With fellow high-profiled UK producers as Bally Jagpal Panjabi MC, Bally Sagoo, our man Shinda has not yet full achieved his share of high fame as his colleagues. It may be due to his modesty and his down to earth attitude, but whatever it is, Shinda hopefully continues to bring his unique taste of modern bhangra music to his many adoring fans.

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They are back at it!!
Featuring a score of hit artists
Releasing in early summer
Dj Markie Mark & ADC
this is be a phat
hardcore punjabi album.
look for it in Oct. of 01


Dippa Satrang
1 of my fav. singers
incredible voice &
the beats are always kickin'
out soon!

Notorious Jatt
Doing his thing once again
check him out in action!
Ahh... whata band!
very well rounded group
a blockbuster hit
Boota Jagpal
Out soon!

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